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Temperature Screening/Access Control

Face Recognition Access Control System

  • System supports Facial Recognition Door Panel (FP-01NC) and detection of strangers with IP cameras
  • Also Support QR Code access control
  • Send mobile device alerts when stranger is detected
  • 99.9% accuracy with dynamic lighting control and built-in video quality enhancement
  • Patented IP camera based anti-spoofing providing authentication capability
  • Edge-Based Processing at camera avoids video streaming and network saves bandwidth
  • Non-GPU based efficient and scalable architecture


Face Recognition Panel With Thermal Temperature Screening Module

Long range thermal cams can be affected by AC, breeze, door opening/closing etc. Our short range FR panel is actually more accurate in a sense with no element of the environment in between:

  • Screen employees or visitors temperature
  • +/- 0.2-0.4 degree, 0.5 second screen time
  • Masked-Face Recognition and No-Mask Alert

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