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Face Recognition/Demographics Analyzer ACAP

Face Recognition ACAP is an embedded application running on Axis cameras to support person identification applications such as VIP detection, customer tracking, masked-face demographics/sentiment analysis and door access etc.

The frontend ACAP software works in conjunction with a backend Face Recognition Server (procured separately). The frontend camera software performs edge processing and transfers proprietary data, instead of video stream, back to the face recognition server for face matching. This edge processing configuration significantly reduces the network bandwidth, especially when a large number of frontend cameras are deployed.

Our solution also support QR Code + Facial Recognition for Two-Factor Authentication.




User can install Face Recognition ACAP software on the camera using the camera Web interface.

For better frame rate and detection performance, we currently support ARTPEC-6, ARTPEC-7, ARTPEC-8 or Ambarella S2E based cameras.

The recommended cameras are P3245, P1375, FA1105, FA1125, Q3515, P1367.


  • For door access application, we also have Face Recognition running on A8105-E through video streaming or A8207 ACAP

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