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About Us

Hampen Technology provides deep-learning based biometric authentication and video analytics solutions for Fintech, security and retail applications. Our team have extensive experience in machine learning/deep learning and computer vision research and development. We also have expertise in algorithm optimization for PC and mobile platforms. We have excellent track records in delivering wide range of industry-proven video analytics solutions with extremely satisfied customers including banks, law enforcement, manufacturers, real estate developers, retailers etc.

Biometric Authentication Solutions

Hampen provides biometric authentication solutions for banking authorization, customer KYC and other security applications including door access system, VIP recognition etc. Our state-of-the-art deep learning based Face Authentication System (FAS) has over 99% accuracy under standard benchmark and is essentially on-par or better than fingerprint solutions. Our solution also maintains high level of accuracy under harsh lighting conditions in mobile environment. On top of face recognition, we also have voice recognition solution which can be combined with facial and fingerprint recognition to form a multi-factor biometric authentication solution.

Retail Analytics Solutions

On the retail side, our Customer Analysis System (CAS) provides demographic and sentiment analysis capability for retailers to better understand their customer traffic and behavior. CAS can also be used to gauge staff’s performance, providing KPI for customer service quality. Real-time analysis data is available through our web-based CMS which can be accessed via mobile phone or PC browser. With our targeted advertising feature, advertisement will be displayed based on viewer’s age and gender, significantly improves the effectiveness of the advertising campaign and increases sales. CAS also has small form factor which is inconspicuous and can be easily deployed. We also have RFID based solution which provides product pickup activities logging together with demographic information. Our People Counting System (PCS) provides customer traffic information. PCS can measure customer traffic flow, flow direction, generate heatmap, provide live-view etc. Real-time analysis data is available through our web-based CMS which can be accessed via mobile phone or PC browser. PCS is also based on the same frontend sensor, which has small form factor and can be easily deployed. Data bandwidth requirement is very low, allowing mass deployment of PCS sensors with very little impact on existing network infrastructure.

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