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Face Authentication System (FAS)

Face Authentication System (FAS)

Face Authentication System (FAS) provide an authentication factor based on facial features of the user. FAS can be deployed for banking authentication, remote on-boarding, insurance identity authentication purposes. Our patented anti-spoofing algorithm provides an easy and secure mean to authenticate user and together with our partner’s soft-token solution we can enable multi-factor authentication process.



Face Recognition System

Face Recognition FR is an application running on IP/USB cameras to support person identification applications such as VIP detection, customer tracking, door access etc.

Instead of using streaming video, our frontend ACAP software running on Axis IP camera works in conjunction with a backend Face Recognition Server. The frontend camera software performs edge processing and transfers proprietary data, instead of video stream, back to the face recognition server for face matching. This edge processing configuration significantly reduces the network bandwidth, especially when a large number of frontend cameras are deployed.



Face Recognition Access Control System

  • System supports Facial Recognition Door Panel (FP-01NC) and detection of strangers with IP cameras
  • Send mobile device alerts when stranger is detected
  • 99.9% accuracy with dynamic lighting control and built-in video quality enhancement
  • Patented IP camera based anti-spoofing providing authentication capability
  • Edge-Based Processing at camera avoids video streaming and network saves bandwidth
  • Non-GPU based efficient and scalable architecture

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