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People Counting System (PCS)

Hampen’s People Counter System (PCS) is an application for indoor and outdoor people traffic flow reporting or queue monitoring. Real-time analysis data is available through our web-based CMS which can be accessed via mobile phone or PC browser.

PCS is ideal for locations where there is no ceiling or the ceiling is too low for traditional top-down counter to operate correctly. The ideal mounting position and angle will be from the side to avoid occlusion.

The frontend camera stream is sent to the backend GPU server for analysis and reporting.

Outdoor People Counting

  • Accurate analysis of outdoor people traffic flow
  • Provide real time data for analysis
  • Works with portable system
  • Multi-camera aggregation
  • Over 95% accurate in field test

Queue/Crowd Monitor

  • Queue or crowd counting for low-ceiling locations where traditional people counters will fail
  • Report average queue time and queue size
  • Alert staffs when queue or crowd size becomes too large
  • User configurable queueing zone

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