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Heatmap/Traffic Flow ACAP

Heatmap and Traffic Flow Analyzer ACAP is an embedded application running on Axis cameras to provide heatmap, dwell time and traffic flow information for retailers to better understand their customer traffic and behavior. Real-time analysis data is available through our web-based CMS which can be accessed via mobile phone or PC browser.

The frontend ACAP software works in conjunction with a backend CMS Server (procured separately). The frontend camera software performs edge processing and transfers proprietary data, instead of video stream, back to the CMS server for analysis and reporting. This edge processing configuration significantly reduces the network bandwidth, especially when a large number of frontend cameras are deployed.

The recommended cameras are M3067, M3068 or P3245, P3255 etc.


The camera should be mounted on the ceiling and horizontally to avoid distortion. For M3067P, the FOV is 185 degree. When mounted on the ceiling at 2.2m high, the coverage will be around 10 x 10m^2.


CMS Charts and Report Exporting

Our heatmap and traffic flow analyzer provides the following statistics:

  1. Heatmap of traffic activity with adjustable sensitivity
  2. Dwell time shown in circles – adjustable dwell time threshold (0-100s)
  3. Dwell count per user defined zone
  4. Traffic count labels
  5. side-by-side comparison of two time periods
  6. Traffic flow directions – reporting over user defined period of time (default is today)

Traffic flow directions report

  • reporting the percentages of user defined directions over user defined period of time.

Per Zone User Dwell Count

  • Report the per zone user dwell count, i.e. report the number of people stayed at the zone for a period of time user specified.


Directional Counting at Entrances/Intersection

  • Determine the number of people going into different directions at entrance or intersection (e.g. Turn left, turn right, go straight etc.)

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