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Hong Kong Marathon 2021 People Counting

Hampen People Counting System (PCS) used for crowd management at 2021 Hong Kong Marathon.

Temperature/Face Mask Screening Stations Deployed at Cyberport


Now TV, HKET and newspaper coverage

Icable TV coverage of our FR temperature screening and disinfection solution

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Masked-Face FR with Temperature Screening — Fighting Corona Virus

Long range thermal cams can be affected by AC, breeze, door opening/closing etc. Short range is actually more accurate in a sense with no element of the environment in between. Our FR panel performs temperature screening with +/- 0.2-0.4 degree accuracy in around 0.5 second. Way faster than human with a thermal gun.

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PCCW HKT 5G Festival

Our first US patent!

Face Recognition Method and System for Personal Identification and Authentication.

U.S. Patent No. 10,061,996

DBS Business Class Retail Event 2018

AWS Builder’s Day Event

iMoney magazine coverage

2016 DBS Fintech Accelerator Program

We have been chosen out of 150+ applicants to participate in the 2016 DBS Fintech Accelerator !


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